Crunch Time - Trailer

This is a half hour comedy sci-fi show we developed for Rooster Teeth. I co-created with Bradley Jackson and directed all six episodes for season 1.

A Score Review - from Indiewire

Premiering on El Rey in January 2019

Logline - When a gang of brilliant grad students use big science for petty purposes, they accidentally create a black hole that could destroy the universe.

DP: Jeffrey Waldron

Starring: Avery Monsen, Jessy Hodges, Nick Rutherford, Samm Levine, Kirk Johnson, Brent Morin, and Michael Hyatt

Created by Andrew Disney and Bradley Jackson

Crunch Time VFX Breakdown

Wes Meyers and his company Burning Tractor pulled off some amazing visual effects for our ultra low budget show.

It was so fun to collaborate with them to create all the dream worlds.